Reasons to shop from us!

At River City Hose & Supply we have a team of professionals who make quality their priority to ensure that we have the best product to offer our customers. We offer everything an independent contractor or construction rental business needs:

-Hoses, Fittings & Adapters: Hydraulic & Industrial

-Jacks and Lifting Equipment

-Teeth: Rocksaws, Backhoes & Excavator Buckets

-Generators: Honda & Robin Powered

-Pumps: Trash, Centrifigal & Submersible

-Lubricants: Oil & Grease

-Lube Equipment: Pumps, guns, hose reels, nozzles etc.

-Power Tools: Electric & Air

-Safety Equipment: Vests, Glasses, Hardhats, Respirators

-Binders & Chains

-Blades: (cutoff saws) Abrasive & Diamond

12949 Research Blvd. Austin, TX 78750

Phone # 512-506-8450 Fax # 512-506-8451